Need to see what’s happening

Posted by: Joe King  /  Category: All Jokes, Doctor

At a mental health hospital a psychiatrist sets a test to determine the mental progress of his three top patients.

He gets three chairs and repaints them. Before they dry, he repositions them in a room in such a way that one is in front of the other.
After this, he calls the three patients and asks them to sit down.

The first two gladly sit on the wet chairs at the front.
However, the third who comes in last takes one look at the wet chair and then proceeds to the corner of the room where there is a pile of papers.
He takes one sheet which he drapes on the wet chair before sitting.

Surprised by the action of the third, the doctor asks him why he draped the sheet of paper on the wet chair, “that’s easy,” came the reply, “seeing that am seated at the back, I needed to be a bit raised if I wanted to see what’s happening at the front”

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